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Full Service Automotive Repair




We offer full service automotive repair. Engine, Transmission, Differential, Steering, Suspension, Brakes and Exhaust, just for starters. We also offer specialties including Wheel Alignment, Air Conditioning and Inspections. We do jobs of all sizes from light bulbs to powertrain swaps. You name it.



We are curently Building a fully electric powered 1937 Chevrolet Coupe. Previousd projects include 1972 Chevrolet Pick ups, a 1957 Buick Cabalero with air ride and El Chupacabra II, Wagons of Steel North's 1964 Dodge 330 altered wheelbase race wagon.

Our goal at Babe's Automotive is to provide the best service possible. We have transcended adversity and are ready for any challenge. 


Check out our custom solutions and services. 




“Thanks Chris & crew, your integrity and passion for good work make it a pleasure to do business at Babe's..”

Marvin Paisner, Longtime friend and customer

Wagons of Steel North

Ultimate Tow Rig Duramax Powered 1969 Dodge L600