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The Electrod. Our first electric vehicle conversion has begun.

This is officially the before photo of our 1937 Chevy Coupe. Currently she is very much apart and we are knee deep in dust getting the body work straight and ready for primer. For real this time. We have been down this road before, yellow primer, with a world of sins living beneath it. We will prevail however and soon. The finished product is planned to be sporting two tone silver and smoke in a semi flat hotrod finish and it can't come too soon if you ask me. I'm dying to play with some high voltage. The conversion process bears far more interest for me than the restoration process. Old hat I guess. Its been a long time since I found an aspect of a car that I know nothing about. Or at least knew nothing about. I've been deep into research mode all over the web but nowhere more than This has led me to two conclusions. One being that the AC motor packages from HPEVS are the hot ticket for conversions from a functional stand point as well as from a parts and service availability standpoint as they seem to be becoming the go to in EV conversions. The other is that someone here in my neck of the woods should be doing conversions as there's no one out here who sems to be involved at all. So the plan is this. I will build a prototype EV, and it will feature a hpevs motor that I will become a dealer for.

More to come



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