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No longer 50 shades of grey, down to 2. Technically Silver and Smoke, top and bottom respectively. This is my first go around with SEM hot rod flats and I must say I am impressed. The smoke colour is particularily nice and went on effortlessly. It also covers a world of sins, we did however keep that world small so she is all kinds of purdy now. There was some debate as to where to break the two colours. It was mostly nn my own head of course and after several hours seaching google images I had a plan. The shocking part is that the old man agreed right away. Small miracles. The front part of the car was easy, it has a natural break where the hood top and sides bolt together, and I followed this back along the stamped in body line of the car. The problem was that that line disappears behind the sail panels. The line as I created it swoops back evenly spaced between the trunk opening and the rear fender mating surface then makes about a 3" radius bend at the bottom of the trunk lid so that the colour breaks at the seam. Silver trunk lid, smoke roll pan below. Pics to come below. Now on to the fun stuff. I love the mechanicals.

Oh, and happy new year!


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