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A Primer on 77 year old bodywork

Sanding. This is now 95% of our EV build. The previous patch panel repairs have all been rewelded, the welds ground and the remaining wobbles in the sheet metal filled, sanded and the remaining low spots refilled, ad nauseum. It seems like a task that never ends. Once one spot seems perfect two more flaws rear their ugly heads, and once those heads are beaten down two three more appear, Whack-A-Mole style. But we are percevering. As you can tell by my cleverly captioned photo, the ol girl is now all dressed up in one colour. That colour is primer grey and is the first coat of high build with at least one more to follow but it warms my heart just the same. Maybe I've just been staring at filler for too long but grey looks pretty good. On that note we have been using Evercoat products, specifically their Quantum 1 filler which I was told by their rep at the Lordco auto parts trade show years ago is super tough, semi flexible and provides excellent adhesion. This is what we used in bulk on El Chupacabra II and had stood up very well under the rigours of drag racing. So now we begin sanding Evercoat Super Build primer. For those not familiar, this is known as block sanding. A black guide coat powder is applied and we toil away with 220-320 grit sandpaper until no more black low spots remain. Here and there we still have a few places that require more filler but they are few and all but eliminated. The payoff comes when the finish colour gets laid down, and even though the slver and smoke scheme I have in mind isn't too far from grey, it is a world apart in satisfaction. Photos will be posted immediately after paint, not to worry. Back to my sanding. Happy sunday.


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