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Is it in yet?

Seems to be the question. The answer of course is, that's what she said. I mean yes. It is in. After much anticipation our AC-76 motor package has arrived from HPEVS. Here it is about to be installed.


Pretty pretty eh? The install was pretty straight forward, the B face on the drive end engaged perfectly in the Canadian electric vehicles adapter and bolted up with 4, 3/8" bolts. Kinda anticlimactic. Next order of business was getting that 1 1/8" shaft connected to the transmission input. The adapter kit included a hub that fits the shaft which has a flange identical to an early small block chevy. So of course I had to procure a clutch to match. Being me, instead of using a stock flywheel and clutch weighing in at around 50lbs, I took another page out of the circle track racing book and opted for a 5 1/4" 2 disc racing clutch. This lil guy bolts right on to the hub. No flywheel required and weighs in around 7 lbs. Being that is designed for racing, the torque capacity should be sufficient.


Here it is disassembled. You might notice that the bottom plate is already bolted to the drive hub.


A plastic clutch alignment tool wqs used to keep the discs in alignment while assembling. This is right before the pressure plate was reinstalled and eight bolts torqued.


So here it is in all its glory. Tune in next time for high voltage wiring and to see what I cramed in the box.


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